Sustainability & ESG

Health, Safety & Environment

Recticel is committed to conducting its business in a manner that protects the health and safety its customers, its workers (whether employees or contractors) and the general public. It is embedded in our Core Value of acting with respect and integrity and in our Ethics Policy that we do not compromise on safety.

The Recticel Corporate HS&E Policy defines strategic objectives to minimise all HS&E risks and environmental impacts inherent to the company’s activities and products. This is above and beyond our basic obligation to comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental regulations.

We perform root cause analyses and implement corrective and preventive actions on critical operations. Recticel foaming sites adhere to strict regulations (such as SEVESO and COMAH), and several plants have environmental management systems (ISO 14001-certified). Recticel is an active member of national and European professional associations such as PU Europe and essenscia.

The Recticel HS&E Manual provides guidance for the implementation of the HS&E Policy. QHS&E managers in our business activities drive and support change in our safety culture by developing operational standards, improving working environments, raising awareness and training personnel. By sharing knowledge and unifying HS&E practices, such as standardised root cause analysis, and HS&E rules company-wide, we seek to make our processes more efficient. We have implemented an integrated HS&E tool to support alignment, improve follow-up and reporting, underpin best practices and facilitate the monitoring of regulatory changes. The results are shared on a monthly basis with the Management Committee.

Managers and employees are regularly informed and educated on health and safety regulations. Recticel also devotes adequate resources to identify, control and remedy health and safety risks associated with its operations, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.



We never compromise on safety!

We continue to raise awareness on safety. It is embedded in our Core Value of acting with respect and integrity. Through our global Simply Safe initiative, we introduced a clear framework of Golden Safety Principles and Golden Safety Rules. Our ‘Stop! Think! Act!’ mantra reminds everyone that we should all try to change our habits to guarantee a safe working environment. Whenever we notice a hazard, or whenever we start a new task, we should stop, think and then act.

Since 2018, we have been holding an annual Recticel Global Safety Day. It relays the important message that safety is everyone’s responsibility. In 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we organised a Safety Day at every Recticel site to kick off a fresh new safety campaign. Under the overall theme ‘It’s MY choice’, the campaign drives home the message of individual responsibility and understanding that minor changes can transform our safety performance.

In 2022, we chose to make Sustainability, Safety and Satisfaction part of our DNA. These are the goals that will create the workplace we want: a workplace that is safe and accident-free; a workplace where everyone is valued and encouraged; a workplace that makes us proud of our contribution to fighting climate change with our race to net-zero emissions.


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