Sustainability & ESG

Recticel Supplier Sustainability Requirements

Sustainable innovation is a central pillar of the Recticel Group strategy and our suppliers are key in achieving our sustainability ambitions. Only through partnerships can we realise the transition towards a low-carbon society and circular economy and achieve our SBTi validated greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for 2030 and net-zero targets for 2050. 

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When we select new suppliers, or when we evaluate our partnerships with existing suppliers, we discuss how their innovations in terms of resource efficiency, renewable materials and closing the loop can help us to achieve our carbon footprint targets. 

Our suppliers are indispensable in helping us achieve a more sustainable value chain. We expect every supplier and its subcontractors to uphold the same standards as Recticel. In 2015, to promote complete transparency, we introduced our Recticel Supplier Sustainability Requirements (RSSR) to ensure safe, environment-friendly, ethical and respectful working conditions throughout the supply chain. In 2017, we integrated the RSSR in our General Terms and Conditions. We recently launched our Supply chain human rights due diligence procedure to proactively manage potential and actual adverse human rights impacts.

More information can be found in the 2023 Annual Report, Social Statement, Chapter, page 106 – 107, and in Governance Statement, Chapter 6.3.2, page 130 – 132.

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