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Jan Vergote - CEO Recticel Group

"At Recticel, we create value
through smart insulation solutions
that point the way to the future."


Staying ahead means leading, not following, and this is particularly true in the construction industry. At Recticel, we create value through smart insulation solutions that point the way to the future. Our strategy is based on aligning with the major building trends while fostering innovation and operational excellence in all our product lines.

Achieving operational excellence means continually ensuring that our processes are streamlined, efficient and responsive to market demands. This is the key to maintaining our competitiveness and driving sustainable growth.

In our Insulation Boards division, this strategy is applied with a strong focus on better solutions for specific applications, leadership in improving circularity, further geographic expansion and the integration of biobased materials. We recognise the importance for Recticel Insulation of reaching new markets and diversifying its customer base. Through strategic partnerships and distribution channels and a commitment to ongoing market analysis, we remain ready to identify and capitalise on opportunities in emerging regions while strengthening our presence in established markets. By incorporating biobased materials into our insulation boards, we not only reduce our environmental footprint but also cater to the growing demand for eco-friendly construction solutions.

In the Insulated Panels division, our strategy for Trimo specifically targets a premium position in the market, international expansion and the most effective integration and growth of our recent acquisition, REX Panels & Profiles. Positioning our insulated panels as a premium offering enables us to differentiate ourselves and create value. We are identifying growth opportunities in both domestic and international markets in order to extend the reach of this product range and capitalise on
emerging trends and construction projects. The acquisition of REX Panels & Profiles at the beginning of this year represents a strategic investment in this growth trajectory. It brings new capabilities, expertise and products into our portfolio that will enhance our competitive edge, unlock synergies and drive value creation for our customers and shareholders.

In the Acoustic Solutions division, our Soundcoat activity in North America is at a very exciting stage in its development. Our market-leading materials are now used in Space X, Blue Origin and Boeing aerospace launches and we are involved in engineering solutions for passenger drones, supersonic jets, battery powered school buses, medical equipment, logistic centres and many other segments.


Our value creation model

Sustainability is not just a component of our value creation model. It is our value creation model. 


1 Recticel’s scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 carbon footprint are subject to limited assurance by PwC. See Chapter 8.1 for their assurance report.
Due to a major methodology change resulting from obtaining more granular data from key suppliers we restated the previous years. This restatement is also due to the inclusion of Soundcoat in our scope 1, 2 & 3 calculations.
2 Estimated avoided emissions from all our building insulation products over their lifetime.


Focused activities for a competitive offer

Recticel is a dedicated group of insulation companies with headquarters in Belgium and operations in fourteen facilities spread over seven countries. The companies that make up our house of brands have different specialisations but a common objective: to make insulation solutions smarter and more sustainable for the benefit of customers, stakeholders and society at large.

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Human organisation

The Recticel Group is conscious that its strategy can only be successfully executed through top-quality, professional human resource management.

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The Group has placed sustainable innovation at the centre of its strategy to create a competitive edge and value for all its stakeholders.

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Sustainability & Innovation


For detailed information about supporting strategies for our three action pillars – simplification, international expansion and sustainable innovation – download our Corporate Annual Report.