Who we are


Managing talent

Recticel actively develops its talent as well as taking action to attract new, talented employees. We assess and train for success and have installed structured mechanisms to ensure the quality of the process. Regular performance management discussions are crucial in this respect. During these conversations, employees have the opportunity to talk about their career development ambitions, working conditions and work-life balance. The output is used not just to optimise training and development, but also for reward, retention, succession and career planning processes.

We believe in equal opportunities and personal growth. We encourage our employees to take an active role in finding their own path within Recticel. Our employees are offered various career development opportunities: possibilities vary from horizontal moves to taking more challenging roles in the organisation. All open job positions are posted internally. Employees can apply to any of the available positions or ask to discuss a specific career development opportunity with their HR Manager. To boost employee development, we also offer in-depth orientation programmes for newcomers, on-the-job training and possibilities to engage in global projects as a project leader or team member. Additional coaching by Recticel colleagues or external partners is offered to support professional growth.