Sustainability & ESG

Our ESG ratings – transparency on our sustainability performance

Our ambition is to be a leader in our industry for climate change action and an equitable society. For many years, Recticel has been committed to strong performance on both financial and non-financial criteria. Transparency on objectives and performance is key to earning and retaining the trust and support of shareholders, who are increasingly interested in companies with solid ESG commitments and scores.
We pursue ESG ratings to measure our performance, provide clarity and identify areas where we can improve.

We are rated by Morningstar Sustainalytics and S&P Global on our exposure to ESG risk and by EcoVadis on the integration of sustainability into our business and management system with regard to environment, labour & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

We also voluntarily disclose our climate change data to CDP, which is the gold standard of environmental reporting with the richest and the most comprehensive dataset on corporate action. CDP plays a vital role in promoting environmental transparency, encouraging corporate sustainability and driving action on climate change and other environmental challenges. It assesses responding companies across four consecutive levels:

Disclosure (D-/D): Transparent about climate change
Awareness (C-/C): Knowledge of impact on, and of, climate issues
Management (B-/B-): Taking coordinated action on climate issues
Leadership (A-/A): Implementing current best practices
For 2023, Recticel obtained a B score for Climate Change, the same score as in 2022.

However the underlying parameters show a substantial improvement.


2022 - CDP B score for Climate Change


2023 - CDP B score for Climate Change