Who we are

Our mission

In everything we do at Recticel, we always try to leverage our outstanding expertise in polymer applications, particularly in – but not limited to – polyurethane. We offer competitive high value added solutions to our customers, hereby creating day-to-day comfort and shared value for our customers, employees, shareholders and all other stakeholders.


Our vision

We aim to be the leading global provider of high value added solutions in all our core markets by supporting key worldwide trends such as environment protection, ageing and increasing population, energy conservation and water management.


Our core values

In 2016, we carefully redefined our Group core values to enable our organisation to fully align its actions and attitudes towards internal and external stakeholders. Today, our core values, which are linked to clearly defined underlying behaviours, can be summarised in five keynotes:

  • We strive for results
  • We innovate to create value
  • We act with respect and integrity
  • We cooperate to win
  • We take ownership and feel accountable

Living the core values

Our core values are much more than just slogans to be visualised and repeated. The exercise of defining a new set of core values would be futile if they were not implemented, shared and lived by all stakeholders, especially our colleagues. Our values are active and ambitious in nature. They help teams and employees to progress, create a positive corporate culture and give our entire organisation a strong stimulus for growth.


We strive for results

  • We think ahead, define goals and ensure that they are well understood
  • We focus, plan, align and cascade objectives
  • We are persistent and assure timely execution
  • We manage by facts, not by opinions
  • We communicate, share the progress accomplished, adapt plans if needed and celebrate success

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We innovate to create value

  • We constantly challenge the status quo
  • We remain curious: we never stop learning and we anticipate the challenges of tomorrow
  • We passionately embrace change to make things better and to make better things
  • We dare to go and we dare to stop
  • We aim for the best, but we do not wait for perfection

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We act with respect and integrity

  • We never compromise on safety
  • We respect people, our partners, our planet and laws
  • We are transparent and are not afraid to deliver bad news
  • We demonstrate fairness in our dealings with others and provide open and candid feedback
  • We don’t take credit for the achievements of others

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We cooperate to win

  • We communicate in an open, transparent manner
  • We welcome other opinions and value diversity
  • We anticipate others’ needs and we support others to succeed
  • We trust and build on each other’s strengths
  • We do not go for individual glory; we let the team shine

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We take ownership and feel accountable

  • We dare to be ambitious, we challenge and we empower
  • We look for solutions, not for excuses
  • We assume responsibility for the impact and the results of our actions
  • We are strongly committed and act as if it was our own money at stake
  • We learn from our mistakes

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