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The Recticel Group strategy

Market experts believe that the polyurethane sector will grow faster than the average global economy. 

The Recticel Group strategy has been developed to meet the challenges of today's key market drivers. These include the need for energy conservation and CO2 reduction to combat climate change, ageing populations, urbanisation, increasing mobility and rising standards of living. Our products and services have unmistakable advantages to master the challenges that lie ahead.

Recticel's strategy is to sustainably position the Group as the leading supplier of high-value added solutions in the Group's key markets.

The Group strategy is based on:

  • Our core competencies in transforming PU and other polymers and materials into value-added applications
  • The relative attractiveness of the markets in which we operate
  • The complete strengths of our Group in each of these markets

Priority is given to:

  • Sustainable innovation in value added applications, products and materials, in combination with high quality and service levels, and brand awareness among end consumers where applicable
  • Overall simplification of the Group & rationalisation of the manufacturing footprint
  • The pursuit of international expansion outside Europe
  • Continuous improvement in the development of our people and teams
  • Meeting sustainable development criteria in all business decisions




Segment strategy


We assessed the attractiveness of the markets in which each of our business lines is operating, focusing on criteria such as size, growth, profitability and capital intensity. We also evaluated our competitiveness in each of these markets. Our analysis revealed that the Insulation business line is the most attractive, followed by Bedding and Flexible Foams. Given the positioning of our Automotive Business line, neither of its divisions (Interiors or Proseat) is considered core for Recticel in realising its strategy.



Action plan

The strategic plan prioritises resource allocation and defines a unique mix of strategic actions for each of the four business lines:

Flexible Foams Globally active, we aim to improve our profitability through:
  • selective growth initiatives based on new products and further geographical expansion in the Technical Foams division; particularly in North America, Asia and North Africa
  • rationalisation and modernisation of the manufacturing footprint
Bedding Growth will be based on clear focus and prioritisation of branded products supported by: 
  • a strong marketing strategy
  • product innovation
  • an online selling channel 
  • geographical expansion
  • an optimised network of highly efficient production facilities 
Europe will remain the focus market for this business line.

We will grow through:

  • international expansion
  • innovation  
  • introduction of new products, modules and distribution channels, supported by capacity, geographical expansion and selective acquisitions
Automotive We aim to capitalise fully on existing production capacity and the introduction of innovative products.


Human organisation

The Recticel Group is conscious that its strategy can only be successfully executed through top-quality, professional human resource management.

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The Group has placed sustainable innovation at the centre of its strategy to create a competitive edge and value for all its stakeholders.

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Sustainability & Innovation


For detailed information about supporting strategies for our three action pillars – simplification, international expansion and sustainable innovation – download our Corporate Annual Report.