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Business ethics and integrity

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Acting with respect and integrity is one of our core values. Treating someone with respect means behaving towards them in a way that shows you understand their worth, dignity and uniqueness. It is a fundamental element in professional relationships and ethical conduct. Behaving with integrity means consistently acting according to certain values and moral principles.

We have created a number of codes and policies to ensure we do business in an honest and proper manner, in full compliance with all national rules and regulations, to secure the long-term future of our organisation.

Ensuring legal compliance within our organisation

Our business is built on people. Their choices and behaviours shape our reputation and the trust others have in is which, in turn, determines our success. 

Our reputation is one of our most valuable assets, and must be protected at all times. We expect all our employees to maintain a high standard of professional and personal behaviour, act with integrity and in full compliance with all international and national legal requirements, as well as the Recticel Code of Conduct. The Code, which addresses important principles such as ethics, safety, health and environment, quality, conflicts of interest, antitrust and fraud is circulated throughout every level of our organisation.

Code of Conduct

For each of these principles, we have created corporate policies, which are further detailed in the Recticel Business Control Guide. The Guide provides more specific guidelines on, for instance, purchasing, tax, treasury matters, accounting policies, investment approval and HR procedures. 

Living compliance

Corporate compliance is embedded in all our policies. We have developed guidelines for awareness creation, templates to report compliance issues, whistleblowing procedures and speak-up lines enabling employees and workers to address issues in a variety of ways. Other measures include:

  • A Compliance Committee to address issues such as fraud, theft and bullying
  • Various ways for Recticel employees to speak up and report issues, either directly or anonymously
  • Detailed internal audits of Recticel plants conducted, on average, every three years. The audit focuses on one main process-based aspect but also checks understanding of elements such as the Business Code of Conduct and whistleblowing procedures.

Compliance training

Ongoing training is one way in which Recticel aims to ensure compliance throughout the organisation. We offer e-learning modules and face-to-face seminars on intellectual property, confidentiality, competition law, global data protection, basic contract law and product liability.