Sustainability & Innovation

Successful innovations

Recticel aims to be the leading global provider of high value added comfort solutions in all its core markets. Our focus is on supporting key worldwide trends such as environment protection, energy conservation, aging and increasing population and water management.

We are proud of our past accomplishments, such as the development of rigid foam applied in high performance thermal insulation panels, and flexible foam developments resulting in comfortable and ergonomic seating and sleeping products. By further coordinating our R&D with important societal challenges, we will maintain our ability to develop products and applications with a positive impact on society. For example: 

  • In our Insulation business line, we have introduced several new products, including a higher performance product with an insulation factor (Lambda) reaching 0.019 W/mK. This new generation of PU boards, developed with Xentro® technology, offers a 13% improvement in thermal insulation and creates important savings in living space. 
    In March 2017, we introduced our first fiber-bonded foam application for the do-it-yourself market: Simfofit® is an acoustic insulation panel that reduces sound by up to 12dB.  In February 2018 we introduced Silentpart®, an acoustic insulation panel for use in systems or lightweight partition walls. Both are made from the production waste of our Flexible Foams plants. 


  • For our Bedding business line, we created an innovative new product branded as GELTEX® inside. It is our division’s largest and most important innovation of the last decade in its application area. The product differentiates itself through a combination of optimal pressure distribution, ideal support and maximum permeability/climate control properties. The development of the GELTEX® inside brand has translated into effective and growing sales.
    In January 2018, Recticel launched the new Geltex® foam with CO2 polyol on the Cologne IMM trade fair, thus further supporting the introduction of new sustainable technologies in our bedding products.Bedding_geltex.jpg
  • In our Flexible Foams business line, we have introduced a new generation of acoustic foams. As a result, our Technical Foams division won new contracts for SpaceX Inc., which designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. We also developed a new comfort foam, angelpearl®, for our third-party bedding customers.


  • In our Automotive business line, we have been marketing an important innovation since 2013. The product is branded under the name Colo-Sense® Lite. It is a high-performance skin for automotive interiors applications that enables a weight reduction of 25% in response to OEMs’ constant search for lighter products. The product is not only lighter, but has premium optic and haptic characteristics, with the same quality and durability properties as its predecessor, Colo-Fast®. This innovation has attracted the attention of several premium OEMs and resulted in a series of new contracts.
    At the same time, the Colo-Sense® X Lite project was kicked off in our Sustainable Innovation Department as a successor to Colo-Sense® Lite. Compared to Colo-Sense® Lite, it offers up to 20% weight reduction by using less material, up to 50% VOC emission reduction for compliance with the most stringent industry requirements and futher improved flexibility of the material  making it less sensitive to deformation, an important logistics advantage thanks to more efficient stacking and optimised transport conditions.


Innovative polyurethane

Innovation makes our lives comfortable, convenient and environmentally friendly. Polyurethanes help to create jobs and reduce CO2 emissions. Watch this video to find out how!