Sustainability & Innovation

Strategic direction


As a company and a producer of durable goods, we consider it our duty to help sustainable development move forward. For this reason we have made sustainability a key driver for innovation in our Group Strategy. By linking our innovation processes to global sustainability, we are sure that we will create value for society as well as for Recticel.  

Our research and development efforts are directed towards finding innovative solutions for the major challenges in society today such as global warming, a growing and ageing population and conservation of natural resources. We focus primarily on the areas where our expertise in polymer applications such as polyurethane can help support the change towards a low-carbon society and a circular economy.

Our thermal insulation products for building renovations and new construction already contribute significantly towards a low-carbon society. In addition, our lightweight components reduce the overall weight of vehicles, and consequently their fuel consumption and carbon emissions. In the transformation towards a circular economy, waste becomes a resource or building block for new products. To assist this process, we acquired a recycling facility which transforms flexible foam production waste into high-performing acoustic insulation panels. In a second phase, end-of-life materials will be validated for the same process.

Exploring alternatives for fossil fuel-based raw materials and closing the loop after the use phase through mechanical or chemical recycling are fundamental research areas that we will continue to explore.