Press release

Participation notification by CANDRIAM

Regulated information, Brussels, 28/10/2021 — 18:00 CET, 28.10.2021


Disclosure of a transparency notification (Article 14, first paragraph, of the Act of 2 May 2007 on the disclosure of major holdings)


In accordance with the Act of 2 May 2007 on the publication of important participations in listed companies, Recticel (Euronext: REC) publishes the following notification:


1. Summary of notification 

Recticel (Euronext: REC) has received a transparency notification dated 28 October 2021, which shows that CANDRIAM, as a result of the disposal of shares on 26 October 2021, now owns 2.99% of the voting rights of the company. It has thus crosses downwards the 3% shareholding threshold.


2. Content of notification

The notification dated 28 October 2021 contains the following information: 

  • Reason for the notification: Acquisition or disposal of securities carrying voting rights or voting rights
  • Notification by: a parent or controlling person
  • Person(s) liable to make the notification: CANDRIAM Belgium, having its address at 58, avenue des Arts in 1000 Brussels (Belgium), together with CANDRIAM Luxembourg, having its address at Serenity – Bloc B, 19-21 route d’Arlon in 8009 Strassen (Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg)
  • Transferor(s) of voting rights: unknown
  • Transaction date: 26 October 2021 
  • Threshold exceeded: 3% downwards
  • Denominator: 55,898,420
  • Details of the notification:

Holders of voting rights

Previous notification After the transaction
  Number of voting rights Number of voting rights % of voting rights
CANDRIAM Luxembourg 0 0 0%
CANDRIAM Belgium 1,681,114 1,672,377 2.99%
TOTAL 1,681,114 1,672,377 2.99%
  • Chain of controlled undertakings through which the participating interest is effectively held: The securities are held by UCIs managed by Candriam Belgium, which holds the voting rights. Candriam Belgium is 100% owned by Candriam Luxembourg. The parent company of Candriam Luxembourg (Candriam Group) has obtained the exemption referred to in Article 21 of the Royal Decree of 14/02/2008 on the disclosure of major holdings. 

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