Press release

Participation notification by CANDRIAM

Regulated information, Brussels, 31/08/2021 — 18:00 CET, 31.08.2021


Disclosure of a transparency notification (Article 14, first paragraph, of the Act of 2 May 2007 on the disclosure of major holdings)


In accordance with the Act of 2 May 2007 on the publication of important participations in listed companies, Recticel (Euronext: REC) publishes the following notification:


1. Summary of notification 

Recticel (Euronext: REC) has received a transparency notification dated 30 August 2021, which shows that CANDRIAM Belgium and CANDRIAM Luxembourg, as a result of the acquisition of shares on 26 August 2021, now own 3.01% of the voting rights of the company. It has thus exceeded the 3% shareholding threshold.


2. Content of notification

The notification dated 30 August 2021 contains the following information: 

• Reason for the notification: Acquisition or disposal of securities carrying voting rights or voting rights

• Notification by: a parent or controlling person

• Person(s) liable to make the notification: 

   - CANDRIAM Belgium, having its address at 58, avenue des Arts in 1000 Brussels (Belgium)

   - CANDRIAM Luxembourg, having its address at Serenity – Bloc B, 19-21 route d’Arlon in 8009 Strassen (Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg)

• Transferor(s) of voting rights: unknown

• Transaction date: 26 August 2021 

• Threshold exceeded: 3% upwards

• Denominator: 55,898,420

• Details of the notification:

Holders of voting rights Previous notification After the transaction  
  Number of voting rights Number of voting rights % of voting rights
CANDRIAM Luxembourg 0 0 0%
CANDRIAM Belgium 1 485 795 1 681 114 3.01%
TOTAL  1 485 795 1 681 114 3.01%

• Chain of controlled undertakings through which the participating interest is effectively held: The securities are held by the UCIs managed by CANDRIAM Belgium, which holds the voting rights. CANDRIAM Belgium is 99.99% owned by CANDRIAM Luxembourg. The parent company of CANDRIAM Luxembourg (CANDRIAM Group) has obtained the exemption referred to in Article 21 of the Royal Decree of 14 February 2008 on the disclosure of major holdings.

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