Press release

Capital increase through exercise of warrants

Regulated information, Brussels, 08 August 2017 – 18:00 CET

Disclosure in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 2 May 2007.

Recticel announces that on 07 August 2017 its share capital has been increased following the exercise of (i) 3,580 warrants of the warrant plan issued on 22 December 2011 and (ii) 3,580 warrants of the warrant plan issued on 20 December 2012. This resulted in the issuance of 7,160 new ordinary shares, which will be admitted for trading on Euronext Brussels as of 09 August 2017.

This results in the following overview:

  before current
Total subscribed capital (in EUR) 136.355.955 136.373.855
Total number of shares in issue (with voting rights) 54.542.382 54.549.542
Total number of outstanding warrants (1) 2.591.834 2.584.674
Total number of outstanding convertible bonds (2) 1.149 0

(1) Each warrant entitles the holder to subscribe to 1 new ordinary share.
(2) Each bond (nominal value: EUR 50 000) could be converted into 5,241.09 new ordinary shares on the basis of the conversion price (EUR 9.54). If all the bonds were converted, an additional 6,022,012 ordinary shares could therefore be created. The convertible bonds bought back by the Group between 2008 and 2011 (in total 597 bonds for a nominal amount of EUR 29,85 million) have not been deducted. All outstanding convertible bonds were fully repaid on their contractual maturity date 24 July 2017.



Financial calendar

First half-year 2017 results 31.08.2017 (before opening of the stock exchange)
Third quarter 2017 trading update 31.10.2017 (before opening of the stock exchange)
Annual Results 2017 23.02.2018 (before opening of the stock exchange)
First quarter 2018 trading update 26.04.2018 (before opening of the stock exchange)
Annual General Meeting 29.05.2018 (at 10.00 u CET)
First half-year 2018 results 29.08.2018 (before opening of the stock exchange)
Third quarter 2018 trading update 30.10.2018 (before opening of the stock exchange)


For additional information

RECTICEL - Olympiadenlaan 2, B-1140 Brussels (Evere)

Mr Olivier Chapelle
Tel: +32 2 775 18 01

Investor relations: 
Mr Michel De Smedt
Mobile: +32 479 91 11 38


Recticel in a nutshell

Recticel is a Belgian Group with a strong European dimension, but it also operates in the rest of the world. Recticel employs 7,925 people in 98 establishments in 28 countries.

Recticel contributes to daily comfort with foam filling for seats, mattresses and slat bases of top brands, insulation material, interior comfort for cars and an extensive range of other industrial and domestic applications.

Recticel is the Group behind well-known bedding brands (Beka®, Lattoflex®, Literie Bultex®, Schlaraffia®, Sembella®, Swissflex®, Superba®, Ubica®, etc.) and GELTEX® inside. Within the Insulation sub-segment high-quality thermal insulation products are marketed under the well-known brands Eurowall®, Powerroof®, Powerdeck®, Powerwall® and Xentro®. Technological progress and innovation have led to breakthrough at the biggest names in the Automotive industry thanks to Colo-Fast®, Colo-Sense® and Colo-Sense Lite®.

In 2016 Recticel achieved combined sales of EUR 1.35 billion (IFRS 11 consolidated sales: EUR 1.05 billion).

Recticel (Euronext: REC – Reuters: RECTt.BR – Bloomberg: REC:BB) is listed on Euronext in Brussels.