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The Recticel strategy

Sustainability is at the heart of the Recticel strategy. We have shaped our portfolio and innovation priorities as we respond to key societal challenges such as rapid urbanisation, clean energy transition, disruptive technology developments, demographic and social changes, climate change and resource shortages.

We take responsibility for our impact on the planet and society at large, paying attention to sustainability along our entire value chain, from raw material sourcing to product manufacturing, consumption and end of-life. This includes our own activities and those within our sphere of influence, upstream as well as downstream.


Sustainable progress through insulation

Recticel’s sustainability journey began in 2013 and we have repeatedly updated our objectives with more ambitious targets. For many years, we have promoted thermal and acoustic insulation as a key ‘weapon’ in the fight against climate change, due to its impact on energy conservation, emissions reduction, indoor climate management and improved living standards.

In 2023, our ESG strategy is based on two pillars: Our Race to Net Zero and Our Race to Maximum Performance.


Our Race to Net Zero is a detailed plan for Recticel’s shortterm and long-term fight to mitigate global warming. Based on clearly defined materiality topics and KPIs, it will ensure that we maximise our positive climate impact, boost circular efficiencies and, at the same time, sustain our competitiveness.

In July 2023, we submitted our plan to become a net zero company to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a global project driving concrete action by enabling organisations to set emission reduction targets that are grounded in climate science. We have committed to two targets: to become a net zero emission company on Scopes 1 and 2 by 2030 with a 25% reduction on Scope 3 at that time. We also want to reach net zero emission on Scope 1,2,3 by 2050 at the latest. 

Our Race to Maximum Performance is our blueprint for maximising the contribution of our people and solutions. Also underpinned by relevant materiality topics and KPIs, it sets out targets in areas such as safety, training, diversity and employee satisfaction. The plan also outlines our goals for product certifications, eco-design principles and sustainability practices at work.


Our value creation model

Sustainability is not just a component of our value creation model. It is our value creation model. 

* Recticel’s scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 carbon footprint are subject to limited assurance by PwC. 
Due to a major methodology change resulting from obtaining more granular data from key suppliers we restated the previous years. This restatement is also due to the inclusion of Soundcoat in our scope 1, 2 & 3 calculations.


Focused activities for a competitive offer

Recticel manufactures tailored insulation products and services for different market segments. Our thermal insulation boards work behind the scenes to improve energy efficiency and comfort. Our insulated panels are designed to support the highest aesthetic standards and architectural possibilities. We also provide vacuum insulated panels that support cold chain activities in industries ranging from food to pharma. Our easy-to-install thermo-acoustic boards significantly reduce airborne noise in rooms


Insulation boards 

We develop thermal insulation boards consisting of high-performance Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam laminated between two facing materials. The facing options are extremely wide-ranging and include multilayer foils, aluminium, bituminous and mineral coated glass fleece as well as gypsum plasterboard board laminates. Our thermal PIR insulation boards are tailored for various residential and non-residential applications. They provide highly effective insulation in all areas of the building envelope, including flat, tapered and pitched roofs, cavity walls, floors, internal linings and external wall insulation systems.

We also provide thermo-acoustic insulation boards to control the noise or keeping sound out of the room. The most efficient method of acoustic insulation is the Mass-Spring-Mass system, which is based on the principle of decoupling the walls via a spring, such as a sound insulation foam. We offer Simfocor® which is a thermo-acoustic insulation board designed for partition wall applications. It reduces sound intensity by up to 84%, representing a sound reduction improvement (ΔRw) of 8 dB. The boards are easy to slide in between the metal studs of the partition wall and offer good thermal performance. They are made from recycled PU foams from end-of-life mattresses, reducing waste and environmental impact. Furthermore, we offer inner wall solutions which are also made from recycled materials and are simply attached to the interior wall with a special adhesive, reducing sound by around 87%.

Visit the Recticel Insulation website for more information. 

Our vacuum insulated panels offer superior insulation performance compared to traditional insulation materials thanks to their ultra-low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance. This means that VIP systems can potentially be more than five times thinner. The panels can be produced in almost any shape and size and have applications in several industrial sectors, including building and construction, cold chain packaging and transportation.

Visit the Turvac website for more information. 


Insulated panels

Metal faced insulated panels provide buildings with both insulation and weather protection. They are single, factory engineered components which are typically fixed directly to the structural frame with no requirement for a cavity in the cladding construction.

Recticel’s Insulated Panels division serves customers through three brands – Trimo, Trimo MSS and the more recently acquired REX Panels & Profiles – for an offering that encompasses a broad selection of PIR and mineral wool based solutions.

The acquisition of REX Panels & Profiles on 10 January 2024 was a major step in Recticel’s strategy to become a pan-European leader in the insulated panels segment. It reinforces our production capacity and will provide Trimo with access to the PIR insulated panels category as a complement to its existing mineral wool insulated panels. 

Trimo MSS provides modular insulated units (each consisting of a floor, column and ceiling structural elements) for use in a wide range of applications, including commercial, hospitality, education and industrial facilities. They are easy to install, almost 100% recyclable and designed to be used in consecutive projects over a long time period.

Visit the Trimo website for more information.
Visit the Trimo MSS website for mor information.
Visit the REX Panels & Profiles website for more information.


Acoustic insulation

Many industrial environments rely on noise reduction solutions to protect employees, equipment operators and the general public from the harmful effects of noise and vibration. Through Soundcoat, leading experts in sound insulation and noise control, we offer custom silencing solutions for various markets and applications. We achieve this by combining highly engineered predictive modeling with unique materials and laminates tailored to block and absorb unwanted noise and reduce structure-borne vibrations in a wide array of applications:

  • Our collaboration with aircraft manufacturers contributes to quieter, lighter and more energy-efficient planes.
  • Our thermo-acoustic solutions for electric battery storage and high-voltage vehicle charging stations ensure higher equipment operating efficiencies and effective sound reduction.
  • Materials provided for emergency and backup power generation result in our world staying more connected. 
  • Acoustic insulation used in medical equipment ensures patient satisfaction.
  • Our certified products for aerospace safeguard missions to the International Space Station and protect communication and weather satellites during launch.

Visit the Soundcoat website for more information


Human organisation

The Recticel Group is conscious that its strategy can only be successfully executed through top-quality, professional human resource management.

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The Group has placed sustainable innovation at the centre of its strategy to create a competitive edge and value for all its stakeholders.

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For detailed information about supporting strategies for our three action pillars – simplification, international expansion and sustainable innovation – download our Corporate Annual Report.