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We never compromise on safety!

Our 'Simply Safe' initiative

At Recticel, we never compromise on safety. It is embedded in our Core Value of acting with respect and integrity. Unfortunately, despite our efforts to raise awareness and improve in this area, we still have too many accidents.

On 26 April 2018 we took a major step towards our goal of an accident-free global workplace by holding the first Recticel Global Safety Day. As well as renewing and clarifying the focus on this vital issue, it relayed an important message: safety is everyone’s responsibility.


Global Safety Day marked the launch of our Simply Safe initiative across all divisions and in every site. Simply Safe was set up to change attitudes forever by making every worker aware that they must follow safety procedures and avoid taking risks. 

To encourage everyone to take up the challenge, we prepared the ground by simplifying our rules, getting rid of inconsistencies and making our practices easier for everyone to understand and follow. The result is a clear framework of Golden Safety Principles and Golden Safety Rules, which are now displayed on posters at all our sites.


Recticel Golden Safety Principles


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Recticel Golden Safety Rules


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Recticel Global Safety Day 2019: introducing 'STOP. THINK. ACT!'

The goal of the 2019 Global Safety day was to make everyone realise that we should all try to change our habits to guarantee a safe working environment. Whenever we notice a hazard, or whenever we start a new task, we should stop, think and then act.   


Stop your own or your co-worker’s activity. There is no task as important as preventing an unsafe condition or behaviour.


Think about possible risks, and how you can avoid or reduce them. Consult if necessary. Ensure that you know exactly what to do and how to do it safely.


Act to eliminate or sufficiently reduce the risks. If required actions are beyond your control, involve your supervisor and find solutions.


Let's change our habits together 


Site-specific activities

While Simply Safe is a global initiative, we recognise that each location has its own specific needs and risks. Therefore, local teams had the freedom to organise their own programmes for the event, along with entertaining ways to drive home the message.



Not just a one-day event

Global Safety Day is far from being an isolated event. Being Simply Safe requires sustained effort and awareness in all our activities. We have provided all our employees with a pocket-sized summary of the Golden Safety Principles and Golden Safety Principles so that they can keep them to hand at all times. Recticel will also continue to organise safety-related projects and events to ensure that our common goal – an incident-free workplace – remains a priority for everyone.