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Acoustic Solutions



Soundcoat specialises in tailored acoustic insulation solutions for equipment used in various sectors. For over six decades, it has been building sound relationships with manufacturers and developing pioneering noise solutions, propelled by a spirit of innovation that enables it to tackle market challenges head-on. Renowned for its products and customer-centric ethos, Soundcoat engages in close collaboration with clients from the initial stages of the equipment concept through to implementation and operation. Based in the US, it has operating facilities in New York and California.


Our offering

Soundcoat employs a holistic approach to managing acoustics, covering problem diagnosis, product engineering, production and ongoing quality assurance. This approach yields customised solutions utilising a range of products tailored to specific needs:

  • Engineering Services: Full service engineering including in-house customer testing in the lab’s hemi-anechoic chamber, transmission loss window or reverb room; acoustic modelling and predictive analysis.
  • Absorption: Materials designed to diminish reverberant airborne noise by converting acoustic energy into thermal energy.
  • Barrier: Solutions engineered to offer high sound transmission loss for various lowfrequency applications.
  • Damping: Products crafted to mitigate vibrations from impact sources, panel resonance and radiated sound from structures.
  • Gasketing: Primarily utilised between metal or structural components, products to regulate contamination, airflow, noise, vibration, RF-EMI, ESD and thermal loss.
  • Thermal: Solutions utilising porous and fibre-blended materials suitable for hightemperature environments and aerospace applications.


Addressable markets

Soundcoat offers acoustic engineering services and product solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across various segments, including aviation, aerospace, heavy-duty and transport vehicles, energy storage and charging, generator sets, semiconductor processing equipment and medical equipment. These sectors are characterised by rapid technological advancements and increasing regulatory demands regarding sound level performance associated with the customer’s product.

Soundcoat serves the following markets:

  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • On-road heavy-duty vehicles
  • Industrial equipment
  • Building & Infrastructure
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturing
  • Electrical & Electronics


Value of our thermo-acoustic insulation

Noise control is one of the great differentiators in equipment manufacturing. It sets the Noise control is one of the great differentiators in OEM products. It sets the tone for product quality and can be integral to a brand’s reputation. Soundcoat maximises the value of its noise control solutions by approaching each project as a partnership. Its engineers collaborate with manufacturers on their designs and provide highly specialised subject-matter expertise and practical know-how throughout the design, manufacturing, testing, implementation and operational stages.

Soundcoat develops its solutions utilising a fully equipped acoustics lab; a materials testing lab; best-in-class predictive analysis and computer modelling tools; and two manufacturing facilities monitored under a rigorous system of internal quality control. With highly developed in-house competencies, it can deliver a variety of acoustic solutions including laminated composites consisting of films, acoustic fabrics or embossed facings; materials cut to shape with or without adhesive backing; or products in sheets, rolls or packaged in kits.

The company has a strict quality assurance policy and is ISO 9001:2015 registered at both its New York and California facilities. The California facility also carries additional AS9100 certification to handle the needs of its aerospace and aviation customers.