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Insulated Panels


    Our offering

    Metal faced insulated panels are single, factory engineered components that are typically fixed directly to the structural frame to provide both insulation and weather protection. There is no cavity in this type of cladding construction.

    Recticel’s Insulated Panels division serves customers through three brands – Trimo, Trimo MSS and REX Panels & Profiles – for an offering that
    encompasses a broad selection of PIR and mineral wool based solutions


    1. Mineral wool insulated panels


    Trimoterm products


    A range of environmentally friendly façade, wall and roof panels, which are ideal for constructions where there are very high demands for fire resistance,
    sound reduction and thermal insulation.



    A design and technology breakthrough, this world class-engineered, prefabricated modular metal wall offers a true alternative to conventional built-up systems.

    The QBISS One prefabricated metal wall system was developed in response to architectural and design demands: durability, flatness, rounded corners, shadow/flush joints and a vast array of colour options, combined with an enhanced return on investment.

    ARTME façade surface treatment


    A unique high-tech façade surface treatment that allows literally unlimited shapes, patterns and visual effects to be inscribed on the façade envelope. 

    ArtMe uses a highly controlled, 3D-forming technology on completed façade elements with pre-coated steel-sheet surfaces. Recognising the importance of product performance, this façade treatment preserves the original integrity and characteristics of the elements without compromise.

    QBISS Notch - design by Pininfarina


    A landmark collaboration between Trimo and the innovative Italian design house Pininfarina first showcased at the MIPIM real estate event in Cannes in February 2024.

    A special edition of Trimo’s QBISS architectural insulated panels, the QBISS Notch Wall System is a pioneering design that customises QBISS architectural wall systems with three fundamental elements:

    • versatile vertical panel modules
    • a unique graphic alphabet of curves and glyphs
    • a “wing” modular plugin for decoration and illumination

    QBISS Notch not only enhances the architectural aesthetic but also highlights the vertical thrust, combining Trimo’s engineering prowess and Pininfarina’s design flair.


    2. Modular Space Solutions

    Trimo MSS provides modular units (each consisting of a floor, column and ceiling structural elements) for use in a wide range of applications, including commercial, hospitality, education and industrial facilities. With over 30 years of experience, Trimo has shipped almost 1000,000 units worldwide, providing flexible, sustainable solutions with an exceptional price/performance ratio. The units are available in different dimensions and offer proven energy efficiency and certified fire resistance. They can be delivered either flat packed or fully factory assembled. Trimo MSS solutions are easy to install, almost 100% recyclable and designed to be used in consecutive projects over a long time period. 



    3. PIR and mineral wool insulated Panels

    The acquisition of REX Panels & Profiles on 10 January 2024 was a major step in Recticel’s strategy to become a pan-European leader in the insulated panels segment. It reinforces our production capacity and will provide Trimo with access to the PIR insulated panels category as a complement to its existing mineral wool products.


    Addressable market

    The market for insulated panels is split between PUR/PIR and mineral wool core products, accounting for 80% and 20% of the market share respectively.
    The main megatrends driving growth in this segment are:

    • Sustainability
    • Fire safety
    • Energy efficiency
    • Prefabrication

    All of these trends are addressed in our brand and product portfolio. Furthermore, Recticel Group has demonstrated resilience to changes in market behaviour with a proven ability to adapt quickly to evolving demands.


    Value of our insulated panels

    Insulated panels offer a unique set of benefits in construction. Their structural and physical properties allow great design freedom, while their advanced technical qualities provide a high-quality, total envelope solution. They are a particularly good match for pre-fabrication requirements, enabling regulatory compliance in a fast, cost-efficient and scalable manner.

    Key features of the Recticel Insulated Panels portfolio

    • Self-supporting (up to 10m single span)
    • Single factory-manufactured unit
    • Mineral wool (MW) / PIR insulation
    • Water & air tightness
    • Extreme thermal values
    • Moisture resistant
    • 98% recyclable (MW)


    Mineral wool insulated panels benefits