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Recticel Group is a well-known and respected company, with origins dating back as far as 1778. We have completed a strategic transformation of divestments and acquisitions to focus solely on our insulation activities. As such we make an important contribution to a world that is increasingly driven by the energy transition and the need to safeguard our planet’s future. 

We are structured around three divisions, Insulation Boards, Insulated Panels, Acoustic Insulation and a proud home to the following brands:

  • Recticel Insulation designs polyurethane thermal and thermo-acoustic boards for optimal building comfort and energy efficiency. This includes the vacuum insulation panels (VIP) by Turvac.
  • Trimo enables with its mineral wool insulated panels and modular space solution the highest aesthetic standards and extends architectural capabilities, primarily in non-residential applications. 
    With the recent acquisition of REX Panels & Profiles, our portfolio now includes PIR insulated panels.
  • Soundcoat provides acoustic solutions used in some of the world’s leading technological innovations.


Financial indicators


Consolidated net sales

Adjusted EBITDA

Total equity versus net financial debt/net cash

Gearing and leverage ratio**

** Incl. IFRS 16 
   gearing: net financial debt / total equity 
   leverage: net financial debt / EBITDA

Gross dividend per share (5 years)

* Subject to approval of the profit appropriation by the General Meeting of 28 May 2024, a dividend of EUR 0.31 gross will be paid per ordinary share, or EUR 0.217 net (-30% withholding tax). This dividend will be payable from 3 June 2024. KBC Bank acts as paying agent. Payments for the registered shares will take place via bank transfer to the shareholders’ bank accounts.


Sustainability Indicators


2023 Climate Action Plan

Recticel’s scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 carbon footprint are subject to limited assurance by PwC. 
Due to a major methodology change resulting from obtaining more granular data from key suppliers, we restated the previous years, including
the SBTi base year. This restatement is also due to the inclusion of Soundcoat in our scope 1, 2 & 3 calculations.

scope 1+2 GHG emissions

scope 1 GHG emissions


scope 2 GHG emissions (market based)


scope 3 GHG emissions*


3.1 purchased goods & services

3.12 end-of-life treatment of sold products


People & solutions plan 


Frequency 1
Number of Lost Time Accidents x 1,000,000 / number of hours performed

Frequency 2
Number of [Lost Time Accidents + Restricted Work Cases + Medical Treatment Cases] x 1,000,000 / number of hours performed

Gender diversity

% women in senior management positions

E-learning participation

Governance programme

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