Investor relations

Consensus estimates

The current market consensus as per 19 November 2018 is based on the research of four brokers, namely Berenberg, Degroof Petercam, ING and KBC Securities.


Combined figures

(in million EUR) 2017a 2018e 2019e 2020e
Combined Net Sales 1.460,8 1.472,3 1.489,3 1.522,8
as % of sales 8,4% 0,8% 1,2% 2,2%
Combined REBITDA 105,5 106,3 111,0 117,8
as % of sales 7,2% 7,2% 7,5% 7,7%
Combined EBITDA 94,1 98,3 108,7 116,5
as % of sales 6,4% 6,7% 7,3% 7,6%
Combined REBIT 66,5 64,3 67,9 74,6
as % of sales 4,6% 4,4% 4,6% 4,9%
Combined EBIT 48,1 55,9 65,6 73,3
as % of sales 3,3% 3,8% 4,4% 4,8%
Combined Net Financial Debt 122,9 121,8 98,9 71,5
Combined off balance Factoring/Forfeiting 54,7 60,0 60,0 60,0


Consolidated figures

(in million EUR) 2017a 2018e 2019e 2020e
Consolidated Sales 1.135,4 1.137,0 1.156,6 1.183,9
annual growth rate 9,8% 0,1% 1,7% 2,4%
Consolidated EBITDA 82,8 86,4 97,4 104,5
as % of consolidated sales 7,3% 7,6% 8,4% 8,8%
Consolidated EBIT 44,9 52,7 61,6 68,4
as % of consolidated sales 4,0% 4,6% 5,3% 5,8%
Earnings after taxes 23,9 34,0 41,6 47,3
as % of consolidated sales 2,1% 3,0% 3,6% 4,0%
Consolidated Net Financial Debt 87,1 92,7 65,1 34,6
Consolidated off balance Factoring/Forfeiting 54,7 56,2 56,2 56,2


Download the detailed overview (PDF, 166kB)



This consensus has been collated from estimates submitted by analysts to Recticel using a standard template. The figures above are provided by Recticel for information purposes only. The research material from which the figures are drawn is the sole responsibility of the analysts concerned. Recticel does not endorse the research in any way and accepts no liability in respect of it. In particular, Recticel makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy of the research, the reasonableness of any assumptions or projections or the likelihood of achieving the figures set out above. Recticel has not commented on or verified any individual estimates, nor does it intend to do so in the future. Recticel shall not be liable for any errors in the content of the research material, or for any action taken in reliance thereon, or on the figures above. The inclusion of any information above does not imply any endorsement of, or concurrence with, the same on the part of Recticel. It should be noted that estimates are, by definition, forward looking and are therefore subject to risks and uncertainties which are subject to change at any time and which may materially affect eventual results. Recticel assumes no obligation to update or revise the figures presented above. The information set out above does not constitute an invitation or solicitation of an offer to subscribe for or purchase any securities and shall not form the basis for any contract or commitment whatsoever. Nothing contained herein should be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell shares in Recticel or to take or refrain from taking any other action or to place any reliance on any of the information set out above.