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Vacuum insulation


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This thermal insulation solution consists of a rigid core (fumed silica or glass fibre) sealed inside an airtight enclosure from which the air has been evacuated. With ultra-low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance, vacuum insulated panels (VIPs) offer superior insulation performance compared to traditional insulation materials. This means that insulation systems can potentially be more than five times thinner. The panels can be produced in almost any shape and size and have applications in several industrial sectors, including building and construction, cold chain packaging and transportation.



Addressable market

Vacuum insulated panels have increasing relevance in the building and construction industry, as their impressive insulation performance contributes to energy efficiency in buildings. They are particularly useful in retrofitting existing buildings where space is limited.

They are also a vital element in the fast-growing cold chain packaging industry, which supports increasingly international trade in perishable products, and worldwide availability of food and health supplies.

In the pharmaceutical industry, VIPs are the packaging product of choice for temperature-sensitive drugs requiring an efficient cold chain logistics solution. Many of these substances rely on ultra-low temperatures (as low as -80°) for storage and transportation and are only defrosted immediately before use.



Value of our vacuum insulated panels

Vacuum insulated panels offer ultimate insulation performance.

VIPs are particularly useful in situations where either strict insulation requirements or space constraints make traditional insulation solutions less practical.

  • For retrofitting existing buildings where space is limited
  • For temperature-controlled packaging used for transport of ultra-low temperature (ULT) vaccines and other temperature-sensitive drugs
  • For international trade in perishable products and availability of food supplies


Vacuum insulated panels benefits